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Scholarship Programme

The main objective of the Trust is to provide financial assistance for higher studies at a university level for economically backward, bright and talented students. For practical reasons of managing proper selection of students, the selection work is focused on about 15 to 18 higher secondary schools (10 Plus 2) in the Districts of Ernakulum and Idukki in Kerala, About 15 - 20 students are selected each year for award of scholarships for college-level studies (including Degrees in arts, science, engineering, medicine or other subjects like nursing diploma courses) in recognized institutions. These students, once selected, continue to receive their scholarship for completing their 3-year or 4-year courses, subject to maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Every year, there are about 40 - 50 students receiving scholarships for completing their studies. The annual scholarships used to range between ₹4500 to ₹10, 000 based on the nature of the courses. In 2008, the amount was fixed at ₹5000 for all courses, so as to benefit more students. From 2012, the annual scholarship amounts were increased to ₹6000 for 3-year courses, and ₹8000 for 4-year (professional) courses. Further, from 2015, the annual scholarship amounts are increased to ₹8000 for 3-year courses, ₹10000 for 4-year (professional) courses.

As noted the total scholarship awards amount to about ₹4 lakhs every year primarily coming out of the interest earnings from Dr Pankaj's initial endowments. One commendable development is that since 2008 some young members of Dr Pankaj's larger family and some close personal friends have been sponsoring some scholarships every year, thus increasing the number of annual scholarships offered.