Dr. Pankaj Educational and Charitable Trust was established by its Founder Dr. Thampil Pankaj, an economist who worked with the United Nations and the World Bank, at the time of his retirement in 1999. Its objective is to help meritorious students who are financially poor, to get University level education.

The Trust operates in Dr. Pankaj's home state of Kerala (India), and particularly in Ernakulam District (where he grew up) and nearby Idukki District which has a higher level of poverty. It selects about 15-20 students every year (more in some years depending on funds availability) from about 16 High Schools, based on selection criteria which give 50% weight for academic achievements and 50% weight for financial need/poverty level of the students. The selected students will receive financial assistance for completing their degree course, generally 3 to 4 years. Thus about 50 students receive scholarships at any point in time. About 70% of the annual funding comes from the interest earned from the original endowment made by Dr. Pankaj using his own funds, and the rest comes from donations from family and friends.

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Scholarships Distributed since 1999

This Trust was established and funded in April 1999 by its Founder Dr. Thampil Pankaj, under the CHARITABLE TRUST ACT OF KERALA. Remembering his own childhood experience of poverty and resulting hardships, and aware of the great value of some assistance he received to further his own education, Dr. Pankaj set up this Educational and Charity Trust mainly to help poor, meritorious students to pursue their higher education. He believes that there are too many bright talented young children who are unable to receive higher education because of their family's poor financial background. With some financial assistance for their studies, they can do better in life and also serve the overall society much better. Through this Trust and its scholarship program he hopes to help at least some of these children to get the opportunity for higher education.

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